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World Class CDN Services to Speed up your site!

Truly diverse network with endpoints across the globe with bleeding edge compression and optimization for your website

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Why do I need a Content Delivery Network?

Instantly improve your site speed

Search engines like Google put a huge value on the overall performance of your site. Having a site that loads slowly or is not optimized will be penalized by google. This means less visibility and less visitors!

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Endpoints across the globe

Leverage our extensive global network. Our geographic DNS targeting system will seamlessly match your site visitor's location with a server closest to them so that they can render your site's static content as fast as possible.

Will it work with my site?

Choose your CDN plan

  • 2 URL limit
  • Basic Global Endpoint Distribution
  • Up to 1TB Bandwidth per month
  • Support via community forums
  • 10 URL limit
  • Premium Global Endpoint Distribution
  • Up to 5TB Bandwidth per month
  • Image compression (brotli)
  • Minification of HTML/JS/CSS
  • 24/7/365 Priority Enterprise Support
$5.00 / per month

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